Getting Up to Speed

Hi everyone.

This week was insane. We had so much to organize as far as getting transfers underway, considering we’re the zone leaders of the zone furthest from the mission home and half our zone got transferred. We were running around like crazy people trying to make sure everyone got all their junk up to Oakland to get it transferred to their next area, as well as transferring bikes and hauling stuff for missionaries on bike. It was hectic. But it’s over now, so it’s okay!

Settling in working with Elder Barnett again has been interesting. We’ve both changed considerably since our last time working together in San Francisco. We’re both still inherently the same, but we’ve had little changes here and there, some bigger than others.

Round two of being companions.

I think the biggest thing that’s been interesting to deal with is that we work at two very different speeds. I’ve learned to take it slower to manage stress and be more effective, but Elder Barnett is much more of a go-getter who doesn’t slow down. It’s been an interesting transition, and we’re still working out the details.

The biggest thing from this week was…nothing. Nothing really too big besides our administrative stuff. We had stake coordination with the stake president and part of the high council this week, and that was alright. The stake has been struggling a little bit with missionary work, lately. We’re not sure what’s up, but things have slowed down this year.

So, in summary, I really don’t have anything to report on. Just lots of contacting and staying busy, really. Last night we were contacting one of our investigators to try and set up and appointment, and, as we were leaving, we saw this man and decided to strike up a conversation with him. His name was Steve.

We decided to try and share something with Steve, so we shared the Message of the Restoration with him. Came to find out he was in the middle of mourning the death of family members and looking for God in his life when we stopped him. He was visibly touched by our message and was grateful for it. It was a cool miracle to see.

Aside from that, that’s all I got. Hope you all have a good week! Love you all!
~Elder Pike


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