It All Started…When President Frandsen Called Us…

Hey world.

We got a mysterious phone call from President Frandsen again. Usually, those phone calls entail some change coming, but this one entailed a very big change and turned my week on its head. I’ve had many companions this week and served in five different wards. It’s a long story.

First, before I get to the call from President, I want to talk about something else. We went on exchanges on Tuesday with the Brentwood 2nd/Marsh Creek elders! I was able to work with Elder Dewitt in their wards, which was fun. Elder Dewitt is a super cool guy from Arizona, who is really into working out and is very, very funny. We were able to get some good work done together on Tuesday on Bethel Island (the Marsh Creek ward covers it). Bethel Island is such a weird place and weird things always happen when we go there. This time, we taught a less-active member named Cha-Cha, and during our lesson, I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Afterward, we stopped at a local convenient store in the middle of nowhere for a couple minutes (because convenient stores in the middle of nowhere are interesting). It was an odd time on the island, as usual.

Okay, now to that phone call. With the transfer coming to an end, there’s always tension in the air about what President Frandsen’s going to do with changes in leadership and individual areas. Usually, missionaries can guess the time frame at what certain calls will come in (for example, new district leaders get called Saturday morning). On Wednesday morning, I was texting some other missionaries about something when a call from President came in. With that, the air around the phone turned a tint of blue and an eerie string orchestra started playing some eerie ambiance. Elder Khamvongsouk was bracing for impact because we knew why he was calling. Elder K got called to be one of President Frandsen’s assistants, and he was given ten hours notice to pack up and be ready to go. The AP’s picked him up that night and I joined other missionaries, thus throwing my whole schedule out the window.

Saying goodbye to Elder K.

From Thursday to Saturday, I work with the Spanish elders, Elder Struve and Elder Barr. Those two are a riot and we had a lot of fun working together, while still working hard. We taught this man named Cesar whose six year-old daughter, Grace, kept us entertained. Since I was new to their companionship for the few days I was there, she greeted me as follows:

Grace: “¿Come se llama?”

Me: “Elder Pike!”

Grace: “¡Ah, es un cupcake! No… ¡Es un pie!”

We also had the opportunity to teach one of the recent converts in the Spanish branch named Meng. That’s right, her name is Meng…and she is Chinese. In December, they baptized a Chinese woman into a Spanish branch because she speaks Mandarin and Spanish (but not English) and there is no Chinese branch out here. It’s such a confusing situation and the lesson was so bizarre. I was lost the whole time.

Me with the Spanish elders. They’re funny elders.

On Saturday night, I switched to working with the Hillcrest elders, Elder Bills and Elder Little. I’m still with them. They bicker like an old married couple, much to my amusement. Tomorrow I get my new companion, and I, of course, am staying here in the Antioch YSA.

The crazy thing about transfers is that half the zone is changing. Every companionship except for two are experiencing a change. I’m really excited for my new companion. I’ve been companions with him before. It’s gonna be Elder Barnett! He called me Saturday night after we received transfer information and was hysterical because he was excited to work with me again. It was pretty funny!

This is Doug. He’s a member of the YSA leaving on his mission this week. He’s going to Salt Lake City. He’s super cool and I’m gonna miss this guy.

I’m excited for this next transfer. Good things are gonna happen! I love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike


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