“It’s Peter…”

Hi everyone.

Last week was pretty interesting. We did a lot, but, again, we didn’t get much done. The work has been very slow here in Antioch YSA. It’s hard to find investigators here, and it’s even harder to find investigators who are committed to anything here.

This week, we were able to go on exchanges with the Hillcrest Elders. Elder Little worked with me that day and we spent all our time driving around Antioch and Brentwood contacting former and potential investigators from the area book. We drove way too much, and weren’t too successful in our efforts, however we did give our best effort, and that’s all that matters in the end!

Elder K posing with the great symbol of Antioch and Pittsburg. It’s a shopping cart.

On Wednesday, we went to the Antioch Marina to do service. We joined the Spanish elders there and spent our time picking up trash and emptying trash bins across the Marina. The Marina is a really strange place, and it’s where most of the homeless folk in Antioch pass through on their way to anywhere else in Antioch. The strangest characters are found there. We saw one guy who spent a solid thirty minutes waxing a single spot on his car.

We also met a man who was not all there in the head. When he walked by us, the Marina staff sent the Spanish elders to watch him and make sure he didn’t hurt himself. The man started running down to the water and picking at his face and washing it with the gross Marina water. Elder K and I showed up about ten minutes later to help out and this guy was still going at his face. We tried to get him away from the water, and when we finally did, Elder K asked him his name. The man proceeded to walk away, acting like he didn’t hear, but after twenty seconds he turned to Elder K with a creepy grin, and said “It’s Peter…” It seemed like something straight out of a horror movie.

Our experience with Peter wasn’t the only encounter with strange characters there. The Marina staff are pretty odd themselves. They’ve grown so accustomed to the weirdness of the place that they throw hilarious and ruthless comments to all the people there (but they like us, so they don’t do it to us).

Apart from that, we had to prepare stake reports and do a lot of planning this week. We’re still doing our best to work hard and see success here, even though efforts haven’t been fruitful lately.

We had a ward activity on Saturday. It was a cookoff, and they chose us to be the judges. Our members are actually pretty good cooks, too.

Us with two of the YSA members at the “Why I Believe” fireside in Oakland last not. This is Letty (on the left) and Piero (to the right of Letty).

Well, we get transfer calls this week. Odds are Elder K and I won’t be companions after this transfer. We’ll find out, I guess.

Today, we went on a hike with members of the YSA ward and some of the the other elders in the zone. We were back up at Black Diamond Mines again, but we hiked a trail up to an old mining cave that’s open to the public. It’s not terribly deep, but it does go in a bit and we went up to check it out today. Pretty cool stuff. I’ll send photos.

Us with YSA members on the hike today.

Inside the Starmine Cave at Black Diamond Mines. Super cool.

It’s so green out here right now!

I love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike


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