A Referral From Louisiana

Hi everyone,

The motivation to write an email is really poor right now. All time low. Sorry.

This week was full of meetings and planning and report preparation for the stake. Kept us really busy, but with not a whole lot of worthwhile things to talk about. Typically, that’s how transfer weeks go.

Transfer day, on Tuesday, was particularly uneventful. We drove Elder Castillo and Elder Poon up to the mission home (since they are on bike) to get transferred, and then we drove them back. However, Elder Poon still had the keys to their apartment with him back in Oakland, so we had to drive back to Oakland to get them. Keep in mind that Antioch is a good, solid 45 minute drive from Oakland. That’s kinda how the whole week went. Back and forth from Oakland, as well as working on paperwork. In between all that, our appointments fell through left and right.

Elder K and I at the temple. The weather has been really nice and cool this week. Perfect Californian weather.

On Tuesday, we did get a referral from a mission president in Louisiana. He met someone out there from Antioch, named De’Andre. De’Andre happens to be cousins with one of the best members of our ward, and that night we had dinner with that member. De’Andre was there. It was all divine intervention that it ended up perfectly the way it did. We started teaching De’Andre, and he is progressing! He’s super prepared to hear the gospel. It was great!

A little bit about De’Andre: he’s a Pentecostal who works as a sheetrock hanger, or something like that, in the construction business. His cousin is going on a mission soon, and De’Andre was really curious about that. De’Andre was in a really rough spot last year. He was hospitalized and in very poor health. His family also isn’t very supportive of him in anything for some reason (we don’t know yet), so he is living with his aunt and uncle here. He’s super nice and super humble. We look forward to working with him.

Other than that, there’s not much to say about this week. We’re going to the temple tomorrow and I look forward to that. It always comes when it’s needed. We’ve been super exhausted and are ready to go to a session and feel the peace that’s there.

We do service at a cemetery every week. This sign is the single worst thing on the face of the earth. We don’t know whose idea it was, but they need to stop doing what they’re doing.

Love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike


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