Big Changes, Little to Do


(That’s Lao for “hello”, essentially.)

This week was pretty good. Didn’t get a lot done, though. It’s been a little rough for the past few weeks, as far as teaching and finding go. We need to rely on members a whole lot in YSA.


This email is coming in late because we had a zone activity today. We made pizzas.

On Wednesday, there was a Mission Executive Council broadcast and there were some big changes announced. Two things changed: the daily schedule and key indicators for reporting.

The first big change was the schedule. Our schedule is now looser and less strict and we no longer plan in the evening, after getting home. Additionally, P-Day was lengthened by two hours. It’s been really relieving to have more free time on Mondays and in the evenings after 9 PM, but also have our time managed better this way. We get a lot done, but also have time to de-stress.

The change in our reporting helps with stress management too. We only need to keep track of four events in missionary work, now, rather than fifteen. It helps to keep focused on what’s important.

Anyway, because of those changes, Elder K and I have been helping manage the missionaries in our zone with the adjustment. It’s been kinda weird.

This week, besides those things wasn’t too eventful. We went to Los Medanos College in Pittsburg to talk to students on campus and had some pretty successful contacts. Hopefully, we can start teaching some of them soon. Elder K and I are really hoping to find soon… This next week we have a bunch of meetings again, so we’re not sure we’ll be able to get too much done, but we hope we can when we have time to work.

We did go on exchanges with some of the elders from Brentwood this week. This is Elder Dewitt and Elder Stokes.

On Saturday, we went to the Visitor’s Center at the temple in Oakland to do a tour with a recent convert in the ward. We went with him a few weeks ago, but he wanted to go back again, so we went. It was a good trip, and was really centered on the gospel blessing families because family is really important to Xavier (the recent convert). He enjoyed it a lot.

Us with Xavier at the temple.

One of the big things I took out of that trip is how families are central to God’s plan for His children. You know, that’s a pretty basic topic in the gospel, but do we really know that? The presentation we watched with Xavier said specifically that families are one way God shows His love for us. He gives us families so that we can find happiness. Really, when it comes down to it, the greatest peace and spiritually-centered happiness comes in the family. It’s great blessing from God to us. All because He loves us.

I hope you all have a great week! We have a big week ahead of us! Love you all! Sok dii! (Also Lao.)
~Elder Pike


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