Hi all.

This week wasn’t too eventful, though we did spend a lot of time working with other missionaries. I seriously am struggling to think of things to write about, right now. I’ve been staring at this mostly blank email for several minutes. Boo. Thinking requires too much effort.

We did get transfer calls on Saturday, and things are really changing up…just not for us. We’re both staying here in Fremont, which is just okay with me! I really like it here. It’s nice and quiet here and the work is moving forward. Our members are great, too! Nothing to complain about here. Fremont is a nice place to be.

Fremont and Hayward are so much quieter than the peninsula. It’s great.

As for the changes that are happening, our district were all shifted, which frustrated the whole zone. We all really liked our districts, but now there are three districts instead of two. I’ve been shifted to lead missionaries I’ve never worked with before, so that’ll be weird. I’ll be the district leader over all the Spanish missionaries in the zone.

Additionally, Elder Crump, one of our zone leaders, is going home. His replacement will be Elder Chapman, my MTC companion! It’ll be really cool to work closely with him again! I haven’t heard or seen much of him since we got here over a year ago! He’s always been across the mission from me.

Our district from this transfer. We are getting split up and aren’t happy about it. From left to right: Elder Li, Elder Westover, Elder Scholes, Elder Zhang, Elder Crump, myself, Sister Lee, and Sister Fetzer.

Saying goodbye to Elder Crump… He’s a good guy and will be missed.

I had the opportunity to work with Elder Westover on exchanges this week. He’s a really good guy and we got a lot done that day. I also worked with him again on Saturday when we did a zone blitz up in Hayward! That was probably the biggest event of the week.

When we do zone blitzes, we gather together in one area and switch companions and knock on doors there in that area. The goal is to help missionaries find in areas that are struggling. When we did it this time, we encountered some very strange people. Hayward is such an odd place. Elder Westover and I knocked on a door where a woman with lipstick smeared all over her face answered. She also had black marker drawn on her face and when she saw us and saw we were holding copies of the Book of Mormon, she said “Give me one!” and then she took a book and a pamphlet and immediately closed the door. It happened so fast we didn’t even know what happened.

Yeah, sometimes weird things happen.

Anyway, I’m gonna run now. Hope you all have a good week. Love you all!
~Elder Pike

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