Indian Buffets, San Jose Missionaries, Car Problems, and More

Hi world.

The subject line kinda sums up this week and I don’t really want to write a weekly email right now, sorry. I guess I’ll make an attempt, though.

Some YSA members took us to an Indian buffet this week. It was ridiculously good, but also really weird. Every area I go to on my mission I have been fully exposed to other cultures, and it isn’t slowing down.

Savannah and John are still progressing really well. Things are going well with them and they are on track for baptism in three weeks. We’re gonna take them to the Oakland Temple Visitor’s Center soon. It’ll be great!

On Monday, we went to the YSA FHE activities, but we went on splits with YSA members for it because there are two FHE groups (due to the size of the ward). Elder Scholes went to the one in Hayward and added a new investigator while he was there, and I went south to Fremont to meet a nonmember who was supposed to be coming. However, they didn’t show up… While I was there I met San Jose missionaries, which was weird. Since our YSA covers a zone in their mission, we go down there sometimes, and they showed up at the FHE activity because some members invited them. It was really crazy to meet them because they had iPads and had different rules and standards in their mission.

San Jose missionaries: Elder Harris and Elder Watson.

Friday was weird because our car stopped working. It died on us twice, but we got it figured out. The battery was insanely corroded, and the battery wasn’t able to charge correctly. Later this week we have to take the car in and get the battery checked because we’re still having problems, despite the fact that the corrosion got cleaned up.

I’m sorry this email sucks. I just have no idea what to write about. We just had so many weird things happen to us this week.

Weekly planning at the church.

OH! I guess this is worth sharing: yesterday we got a call from an unavailable number. We weren’t able to call them back, but this girl named Christina called us six times from that number. Christina just moved here from Utah and wants to be baptized. She’s wanted to be baptized since she was twelve, but wasn’t able to. She just turned eighteen and moved out on her own out here. She asked us to come give her a blessing yesterday, so we did and she told us she wants to be baptized, we just need to teach her all the lessons. She’s super prepared. It was an amazing miracle. Today she called us again asking us what she should read in the Book of Mormon before our lesson with her this week.

Things have been crazy here. So much is happening and I’m exhausted, but happy. Things are great! Love you all! Have a great week!

~Elder Pike

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