Bipolar Schizophrenia

Happy Halloween!

I’m kinda short on time, but this week was really busy. We did a lot and got a lot done. This week was interesting and the wet season out here is beginning. It’s been pouring most of the week and the hills are starting to turn green again.

It’s sweater weather!

On Monday, our mission president came to work with us for the evening. On Mondays here, we have FHE activities with the YSA ward, so he joined us for a lesson we had beforehand and then just left because he didn’t feel the need to stick around. It was good to have him in the lesson and our investigator we taught (Jackie) is progressing now.

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Frandsen, and we spoke about the training I had to prepare for our District Meeting on Tuesday. Delivering trainings is interesting. I enjoy it, but sometimes preparing for them is mentally and spiritually exhausting because it requires a lot of preparation.

That person I mentioned last week who called us on Sunday? We went and met with her on Wednesday and reviewed everything that we, as missionaries, teach. She knows everything. All of it. We called our mission president to try and get a baptism set up for Saturday, but then we called her again afterwards to get some more information from her (at our mission president’s request – he needed to make sure she was actually ready for baptism and wanted to speak to her past ward leaders). On that phone call we made, everything blew up in our faces. It was really bad. We found out she is bipolar and schizophrenic and everything fell apart (with her behavior). I can’t really explain what happened. It was extremely stressful and we realized we wouldn’t be able to work with her due to some legal and other things beyond our understanding and ability (her mental state is unstable). She was also living in a mental institution (that should’ve been the first red flag). All that being said, we hope whatever happens with her works out for her. We can’t do anything, but God knows her needs and will allow all things to come together for her good. That really was an eye-opening and troubling experience for us this week. It left us a bit shaken.

We had exchanges this week with the Chinese Elders that work out here in Union City. I worked with Elder Li, from mainland China. Elder Li has only been on his mission for a little over two months and is still learning English. He’s really humble and really funny. We went to teach a lesson to Savannah and John (who are still on track to be baptized soon) and I asked him to teach about fasting in his broken English. He taught it and when the investigators understood him perfectly, he really opened up and came out of his shell. It was super great to see his confidence boost!

Us and the Chinese Elders, Elder Zhang and Elder Li. Elder Li is the one I’m standing next to.

Our ward had a Halloween Party this week. We had a lot of non-members and less-active members show up. We had such a big turnout that it felt like I was in a Utah ward for a little bit. So many people came and we had a lot of success with it. One of the missionary ideas we had for it was to set up a photo booth and take people’s pictures. We had everyone write down their name, costume, and address and we are going to go deliver them later. Hopefully some good comes from it!

Anyway, that’s what happened this week. Really busy. I can’t believe the transfer is almost over. It feels like I just got here to these wards. It’s been a great place to be and I’m curious what’s gonna happen in two weeks.

Love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike

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