Young Single Adults, Trains, and Laotians

Hi all,

I’m not really on top of the whole emailing thing today because I’m kinda dead. I’ll get to that in a minute. Working in a YSA ward is a lot of fun. Keeps us busy. The Brookvale ward is great too because everything is really picking up there.

This week, some YSA members took us to Korean BBQ and challenged me to try all the weird Korean delicacies on the table. There were like twenty things there to try, including Kimchi. Serving in a YSA ward is so different compared to family wards… It’s so much more entertaining. I love it.

Elder Scholes is a great guy.

This week we went to Cal State University (East Bay Campus) in Hayward to contact college students. The people there are so much more receptive than any other group of people I have tried contacting on my mission before. We are going to be doing that regularly. It was a lot of fun.

In the Brookvale ward, we taught Savannah and Jon again. They are so ready to be baptized! It’s wonderful to be teaching them! They came to church for the first time this week and got swarmed by members after Sacrament Meeting. It was crazy! The ward just swallowed them up and they got to know so many people! Great things are happening here!

Speaking of great things, we got a call from the Oakland Temple Visitor’s Center Directors about a former investigator in our area. Apparently, they’ve been teaching this former investigator and she wants to be baptized. She’s living in San Diego at the moment, but she is moving back in November and wants to be baptized in our ward. This came out of nowhere for us and we are so excited about it!

I’ve missed seeing empty hillsides. There are none on the peninsula.

Church on Sunday was really nuts because we cover two wards whose meetings overlap by an hour. We had to keep track of our investigators at church and the YSA recent convert who brought his non-member cousin, so we were running around like maniacs making sure everything was going well. We were at church for a total of eight hours because of ward council meetings and other stuff. We got back to the apartment feeling completely destroyed because we were so tired. Church hit us like a train. I’m told that it will be like that every week.

This week we did exchanges with the zone leaders. We went to work with them in their area and got a lot done. Elder Crump and Elder Westover are their names and they both served in the Lao Ward for a long time up north in Richmond. They’re ridiculously funny people. I’m still getting to know a lot of the missionaries out here since I spent so long secluded from the rest of the mission because I was out on the peninsula for so long. Most of these missionaries are people I’ve never met before, but they’re all pretty cool. I worked with Elder Crump in the past, but not much. He’s incredibly cynical and slightly insane (he describes himself as such).

Us and the zone leaders. I’ll let you guess which one is Elder Crump.

Anyway, I just kinda felt like dumping all the events of this week on you all since I can’t really think about writing something more logical or that flows better. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you also have a great week!

Love you all!
~Elder Pike

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