Turbans In Fremont

Greetings earthlings.

Sorry. I apologize for that intro. …Actually, nah, I’m gonna stick with it. Add some flavor to this email.

Things have been really good this week and I guess all this email will be is a mass update on where I am now, who I am with, and what I’m up to. It’s a world of difference out here in the Hayward Zone. I’m actually part of the only companionship in this mission that is serving in Fremont, California.

Fremont is on the border of the mission and about 90% of it is in the San Jose mission. We live on the border of the mission. No joke. If I were to cross the street, I would poof into dust because that’s what happens when missionaries leave their mission. It’s really strange living on the border. I often feel like I live on the edge of a big void. A big, really quiet, really calm void. It’s so quiet in Fremont compared to San Bruno. I don’t hear the freeway all the time. No planes. No traffic. Just peace and quiet. It’s awesome. My mind is clear.

That being said, I’m really recognizing the Lord’s hand in my life. The changes that have come across me in the Crystal Springs 1st Ward are starting to show themselves now that I no longer have a stick up my butt like I did while I was serving there. The Lord also has given me an amazing blessing by sending me here. It’s the perfect place for me to recover after serving in such a difficult, stressful area. It’s quiet, things are happening, and we also serve in the YSA ward which is just great. My gosh, things are so much more relaxed here.

Because we serve in the YSA ward, we also cover outside the mission. We have permission from President Frandsen to leave the mission regularly, so we won’t poof into dust when we leave. So, travelling outside the mission is weird. We’re very secluded out here, but I don’t mind. It’s what I’ve needed for a long time.

The YSA ward covers three stakes, one of them being outside the mission. Working with YSA members is very relaxed too, in comparison to other wards. The formalities of missionary work disappear because they don’t work in this ward. We still have to be formal and dignified, but it’s not as insane as it is in other wards. In fact, one member asked me if I’ve ever been “hit on” by anyone while serving as a missionary. That was weird. I was too busy laughing at the question to really consider the answer.

We see a lot of Teslas and turbans in Fremont. I don’t know why, but about 45% of Fremont is Indian. So, we see turbans everywhere. OH! Once we saw a guy driving a Tesla, while wearing a turban. What a silly sight that was…

My new companion, Elder Scholes, is super cool. He reminds me of Jim from The Office (is it appropriate to mention The Office in a missionary email?). He doesn’t say a lot, but when he does speak it’s very funny. He’s quiet, hilarious, and the second most mature companion I have had (Elder Forsyth was the most). He just graduated High School, but he acts like he’s been out of High School for awhile and he might as well be halfway through his mission. I was called to follow-up train him, but it seems like he’s already done training. I’m at a loss of what to do to help him.

Elder Scholes and I.

Anyway, I’ll probably stop there. I don’t have too much to say because I’m still settling. We do have a family we are teaching in the Brookvale ward who are gonna be baptized next month! They’re solid. Their names are John and Savannah. Super cool people.

This coming week we are going to be focusing on finding. We don’t have too many people to teach, but we will find some this week. We’re gonna head up to Cal-State University in Hayward this week to talk to students on campus. Hopefully to find people to teach in the YSA ward. Should be fun!

Anyway. I’m doing well. Things are good. Aaaand I didn’t have time to take too many pictures this week (Sorry Mom).

Love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike

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