So, President Frandsen Called Us This Week..

Hi everyone!

I have a lot of news because everything’s changing and it’s time this cowboy rode off into the sunset, leaving the Crystal Springs 1st Ward behind. I’m getting transferred!

That’s right. After nearly seven months, I am finally moving on!

Elder Apostolos, one my closest friends out here, is leaving this transfer. He’s going home. I’ll miss this goofy guy whom we affectionately refer to as the “Chris Farley of the Oakland/SF Mission”.

This week was a really strange week for us. I didn’t really work in our area at all because of general conference (which was great, I might add), training meetings, and exchanges. Elder Castillo got called as a trainer this week, so we had to head to Oakland for the training meeting for him. While he was there, I got to go out to tract in Oakland with a missionary in the Spanish program! Let me say, Oakland is different. Gated yards everywhere. Lots of diversity. It was crazy.

Elder Perandos and I got to go and work in San Francisco on exchanges again. Working in the city is always fun, but it’s really hectic because San Francisco is so compact. We went to do service at a senior home in the city. They had us keep company with a bunch of old Chinese people, and we played Mahjong with them (minus the gambling). It was my first time playing, and I won every game. It was pretty funny. Also, one of the old Chinese ladies was cheating the whole time.

Elder Perandos and I eating burritos from a taco truck in San Francisco. I’ll miss being in close proximity to the city. It’s an exciting place, despite the stress it’s caused me.

Conference was a highlight of the week! It was great! I, in particular, loved President Uchtdorf’s talk about the Plan of Salvation. It hit close to home because I’ve always had a sense of awe when thinking about the Plan of Salvation and what it means to us. I especially liked the quote “What shall we give in return for having been given so much?”

Now, we got several calls from President Frandsen this week. Things are really changing out here. I am being transferred and Elder Castillo is staying to train not one, but TWO missionaries. He’ll be training two missionaries assigned to speak Fijian, but President Frandsen is gonna hold off a bit to transfer them into the Fijian branch. He needs them to train together so they can practice the language together. That’ll be fun for this ward.

As for me, I was called to follow-up train another missionary. I will be transferring to the Highland YSA and Brookvale Wards in Hayward! I was shocked to find I’ll be serving in a young single adult ward. It’ll be super cool! My new companion’s name is Elder Scholes, and President also called me to be the District Leader out there. I’m gonna have a lot on my hands… Hope it goes well!

Saying goodbye to members of the ward. This is the Valdez family. They’re super funny people. Also, I dunno what’s going on with my hair here…but it’s bugging me.

Anyway, I should run off now and get stuff done. We have a lot to do to prepare for transfers tomorrow morning.

Love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike

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