A Bump in the Road…Or Two or Three…Or Maybe Twelve

Hi everyone!

This week was a bit of a struggle. I certainly learned that there really is “opposition in all things” and we’ve faced all of it as we’ve tried to help Pamela get to baptism. Additionally, things keep happening with Waris that are kinda funny. For example, we found out that the other church he has been going to is a local church that has a heavy anti-Mormon agenda.

So, here’s the story with Pamela. Pamela is set to be baptized this Saturday. She’s ready to be baptized and I know it, she knows it, and the ward knows it. However, as with all investigator baptisms, opposition does occur. We have had to work through a ton this week. The biggest thing was that her 104 year-old grandmother died and she had to plan a last-minute trip to Florida to go to the funeral. So, all weekend, we had almost no contact with her because she was so busy (understandably), and we were unable to schedule her baptismal interview, last lesson, and organize the baptismal service. It’s all coming down to the wire, and we’ve all refused to push it back (because there is no good reason to, and it just gives more room for opposition to occur) and are gonna push for this Saturday despite the setbacks.

So, that being said, I should be able to report on a baptism for this ward next week. It’ll be the first in over a year here.

Planning baptisms is an exciting thing!

Waris came to church yesterday! That was really good. We were excited to have him in sacrament meeting and he’s starting to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He had to leave after the meeting because his mom wanted him to go to church with her at the other church he’s been attending. When he told us what church it was, my heart stopped. It’s a very anti-Mormon church. They have a specific Sunday School class about why Mormons are wrong, which, to me, doesn’t make sense. How can you preach Christlike love and charity and then devote a lot of time and attention to tearing others down? It doesn’t follow. Really strange church. Luckily, Waris is aware that there are a lot of false things about our church out there. I don’t think it will harm anything.

This week has been a lot of stress for us. I don’t really have the mental strength or energy to say anything else about this week, aside from the fact that we had a stake activity in Half Moon Bay, the part of our mission that every missionary wants to go to, but very few ever see. It was an incredible sight to see. We drove on a highway that was next to ocean cliff sides. The sea fog was thick, and it felt like we were not anywhere near San Francisco anymore. There’s a reason it’s the dream area to serve in in this mission.

Us in San Mateo.

Hopefully we’ll have a lot of good to report on next week. Things have been difficult for me in this area, but they have started to look up because we do have a baptism coming up! Transfers end in a couple weeks, and, after spending about six and a half months out here, chances are very high I will be moving elsewhere. We’ll see what the following weeks bring.

I love you all!
Have a great week!
~Elder Pike

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