On The Case

Hello everyone!

This week was an interesting week. Things have been up and down, but ultimately it ended on a good note.

First off, let me tell you about our progress with Waris and Pamela this week. Things have been great with Waris, and not-so-great with Pamela. However, both are still progressing towards baptism, whether that be sooner or later.

Pamela’s health has been poor. She’s always struggled with a number of autoimmune disorders (including Lupus) and they’ve all been acting up. It’s been detrimental on her ability to feel the Spirit and learn the gospel, though she still has a desire to be baptized and is making church a priority! In fact, nobody came to our gospel principles class yesterday (more on this in a minute), so we went with our ward mission leader to check on Pamela because we knew her health was poor. When we showed up she was just getting in the car to leave for church, despite the pain she was in. She is exercising amazing diligence! She also thought it was funny that instead of her going to class, the class came to her. Hopefully her condition will improve so she can continue to learn soon!

Waris is progressing quickly! He’s learning so fast! We took him on a church tour this week and focused on teaching more about baptism at the baptismal font and about the sacrament when we were in the chapel. He stopped us in the chapel and made a comment about how he felt an indescribable calm in there. He felt the Spirit and he noticed it! It was great!

Aside from that, we did a lot of tracting and other finding activities this week, but it was good. We accomplished a lot.

Us going to contact people.

Some members decided to have us over for pizza one night this week. A very big pizza.

Now, lemme tell you about a man in this ward named Cliff. Cliff is an old man who is not 100% there. He’s a little odd. And really grumpy. I try to avoid the man because every conversation I’ve had with him is unpleasant. He also is annoyed with missionaries and always gets on our case for all kinds of things.

Anyway, we had a dinner appointment with some funny members this week. They’re funny because she has a weird way of viewing the world that is unintentionally funny and he is actually funny. They invited us over for dinner and told us another person from the ward was coming. When we walked in the door, I was wondering who it was, then I saw none other than, you guessed it, Cliff sitting on their couch. The first words out of his mouth were “Are you the missionaries representing the Crystal Springs 1st Ward?” I replied that we were, and he said, “We need to talk.”

The first thought through my head was “Oh, please no, this is going to be a looong hour.” Followed by lots of praying.

To be completely honest, the dinner wasn’t that bad. The first five minutes were rough, but it was all just fine after that. But, my goodness, I was worried. Just thought I’d share that funny event from this week.

Additionally, an active member who is on the brink of homelessness disappeared three weeks ago. We didn’t think much of it until this week because it’s been so long since anyone has seen him. He wasn’t in our gospel principles class, which had us all concerned. Our class was empty, which was unusual. He is always there, but he hasn’t been in weeks!

After going to visit Pamela during that hour, we went to track down this member (his name is Albert). We went to the address in the ward directory and it took us to a boarded up, condemned building. We called out for him and got no response. Then we realized there was an address written on the door. It was faded, but it was there. Elder Castillo and I went to visit it last night.

That address took us to the South San Francisco Fire Department that condemned the building. The office was closed, so we’re gonna have to go back later this week and ask them if they know where they moved the residents in that building to since it was Section 8 housing. I’ll try and keep you posted on the mystery of Albert going missing.

Anyway, I think that’s good for this week. I won’t yak your ears off anymore. Hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

~Elder Pike

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