Australians and Russians

Hey there everyone.

I’m kinda not feeling the whole email thing this week, so this may be a short one… Sorry about that. I’m so very exhausted and this area has pushed me to my limits. The transfer ends this week, and I’ve been here for four transfers, so there’s a good chance I could leave, but I won’t know until Saturday.

Me being exhausted. This was our solution to an apartment that always smells like the last thing we cooked…

This week we went on splits with the Elders quorum. For those who don’t know, “splits” is where we split up from our companion and work with a member for a few hours instead. I went with a very, very, VERY funny Australian man. His name is Brother Cowan, and he just barely moved here from Brisbane, Australia. He served his mission in Utah several years ago, and he actually once served in the YSA stakes in Logan (where I was attending church when I was a student at USU).

Anyway, Brother Cowan and I went to visit a bunch of less-active members and part-member families on Tuesday. Sadly, I’m forgetting a lot of the really funny things he said, but basically the whole evening was us driving around contacting these people, while he was sitting in the passenger seat going off about this and that in his thick Australian accent. I was dying and it was the highlight of my week. Especially when he made fun of the Elders Quorum President’s silly looking car.

We were finally able to meet with all our investigators this week. After going so long without seeing Chad, we finally taught him again, AND we made progress! Next week we’re gonna go back and discuss apostasy and the Bible via 1 Nephi 13 because he wanted to know more fully what our understanding of the Bible is.

Our lesson with Sylvia was funny as always. She made progress and bore her testimony to us, which was unexpected. Basically, we learned that she already believes everything, and knows much of it is true. She just doesn’t understand a few concepts (like tithing).

Tracting for days…

A view of the bay from Brisbane in our area.

We almost added a new investigator this week named Toly. We couldn’t formally add him yet because he has to get some surgery soon and we won’t be able to follow up for a bit, but he’s super cool. He’s a Russian refugee who has lived here for 25 years. He told us that the Book of Mormon filled a gap for him. He always thought it was odd that Christ only ministered to the Jews, but the Book of Mormon filled that gap in his belief, so we got off to a very good start!

That’s about all that happened this week. We have a ton of meetings this week, as well as exchanges, and then transfers come up next week. I’ll have a lot to report on this next week.

Love you all! Have a great week!
~Elder Pike

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