President Frandsen is, Yet Again, Full of Surprises


Dang, everyone. I’m not gonna mince words this week and I’m gonna cut straight to transfer news:

1.) I am staying in the Crystal Springs 1st Ward for what looks like two more transfers because:

2.) President Frandsen surprised us with a phone call and called me to train for the third time, though this one I will get to train from the beginning.

3.) Elder Baniago is going over the hill and across the district into Daly City to work with my district leader. He will be in the Tagalog program.

4.) Elder Forsyth, my old companion, will be a zone leader out here and I will be his and Elder Apostolos’ companion for a day tomorrow while I wait for my trainee.

So, that’s the big news this week. I am excited for the opportunity to train because, after four months, I’m finally finding myself comfortable in this hectic area (though some peace and quiet on occasion wouldn’t be so bad…one can only handle so much cars, buildings, and people). Our work with members has really improved and I am starting to feel less anxious here, so I’ve opened up more with the members and become more of myself, while still maintaining the dignity of my calling.

This week was pretty busy, though I am yet again plagued with amnesia over what happened this week. I just know it was busy.

Okay, looking through my planner I see that it was busy because we spent all day every day contacting numerous referrals and following up with other potential investigators. Just the works, though it kept us busy. In particular, I remember that one night this week after we finished planning we were so exhausted that we both just sprawled out on the floor for ten minutes or so, not moving. Yeah, we’re pretty tired.

In other news, we took Pamela to a fireside in Oakland last night. Every month, there is a fireside at which recent converts speak, titled “Why I Believe”, and that’s the one we went to. It was a great experience for her and she is continuing to progress well! She told us that she believes it more and more as she continues to learn. She also recognizes that while change can be difficult, it’s necessary and she’s willing to do it. This coming Wednesdayshe’s going back to the temple with her friend to the visitor’s center. We’re excited about the growth she has made in the gospel.

Anyway, that’s all to report for this week. Also, Elder Baniago had a coconut figuratively explode on him. Note that I said figuratively. It didn’t literally explode, so don’t interpret it that way. I won’t say much more on the matter. Just that a member was chopping open a coconut with a machete and then coconut water all over Elder Baniago. It was tragic.

Additionally, I didn’t take any photos this week, really. Too busy (sorry Mom).

Hope you all have a great week! Things are nuts here. More to report next week for sure.
I love you all!

~Elder Pike

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