How May We Be of Service?

Hey, howdy, hey!

This week was eventful for once! We did a lot of service this week and were able to really work well with ward leaders in the ward, so we were very busy. Also, Elder Baniago has been changed to be the driver here (no clue why…my driving privileges are still in place), and his driving skills frighten me. I won’t say anything more about that.

Elder Baniago and I wandering the alleys of South San Francisco, searching out the children of God.

Here in this area, we do a lot of service for seniors. I don’t know why that is, it just is! And I don’t mind. They’re nice people! We often help out serving lunch in the San Bruno Senior Center here, and that’s always funny because they do line dancing just after lunch. Old people line dancing is kind of a funny thing.

Additionally, we’ve been doing service for a 95-year-old man in this ward named Ross. We always go by and do random tasks for him around his house. We do a lot of things he couldn’t do on his own. In fact, the other day he needed us to help him find his wallet. His sight isn’t the best, so he asked us to help. He’s a super nice guy with an interesting history. He used to be a commercial airline pilot for Pan Am and he was in the naval reserve in WWII.

In addition to our service activities, we spent a lot of time discussing the 700 households on our ward directory trying to gather as much information about these people as possible, especially part-member families. That’s been very productive and motivating for us in the work. It’s strengthened our member relations and helped us find potential areas for missionary work.

We also added a new investigator this week! Her name is Jaz. She’s a production manager for a company, but she’s really prepared to receive the message. She told us she’s spent the past two to three years becoming more spiritual. Hopefully things go well as we continue to meet with her.

Pamela is still progressing, too. She is continuing to feel the Spirit and has desires to change and put her old life behind her so she can devote herself to more fully following Jesus Christ. It’s wonderful to be teaching someone with such great desire!

This is the Ott family. They’ve been helping us teach Pamela. They’re wonderful people!

I’m hopelessly lost somewhere in the suburbs of San Francisco.

Since it’s Independence Day, I’d like to share a brief thought on freedom. In the book of John, Christ taught:

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

 ~John 8:32

Christ also, in John 14, taught that he is “the way, the truth, and the life”. Thus, it can be stated that as we come to know Christ more fully in our lives, we will feel more free in our hearts. Free from the burdens of sin. Free from the sorrow of our trials. Free from the cares of the world. It is through Christ that we truly find freedom.

Know that I love you all! Hope you have a great week! This Saturday we are getting transfer calls, so I may have exciting news, or I may not. We’ll see.

~Elder Pike

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