Old Faces, New Faces, and “Truth-Seekers”


This week was very busy and very stressful for Elder Pike. But it’s okay because my new companion is awesome! At the same time, that’s exactly why I’m stressed…because I’m training a new missionary again! GAH.

On Tuesday, when I went to Oakland to pick up my new missionary, I was able to attend the temple with my old zone. I was companions with Elder Forsyth again for a few hours since his companion had to go home on medical and Elder Olone was transferring to be his companion! I also ran into Elder Prete and Elder Broman, two of my old homies from the Walnut Creek Zone, so that was sweet.

Reunion with an old companion!

Please forgive me informalities today. My word choice isn’t the most becoming of a missionary now, is it? But I digress…

When we went to pick up my new companion from the airport, I went with President and Sister Frandsen and did not have a companion for about half an hour. It was very strange to be flying solo again.

Anyway, I’m sorry for wasting your time with useless details. You’re probably wondering who my new companion is! His name is Elder Baniago, and he’s from Cavite in the Philippines!

Elder Baniago and I on the temple grounds on Tuesday.

Elder Baniago is one of the most mature missionaries I have met. He was a med-tech student back home before his mission and he is a little bit older than I am. He’s also pretty funny, so that’s great! Additionally, he really enjoys working out, so…that’s…a thing. You all know how I feel about exercise. I won’t go any further there.

Elder Baniago and I had a little bit of a rough week, but we are getting along well! This week was mostly just tracting and street contacting because almost every appointment we had fell through. We did teach Chad though!

I’ll tell you a bit more about Chad. I mentioned him last week. Chad is a stay-at-home dad (his wife is a children’s pastor at a local church). He’s very very smart and loves to study religion and philosophy. He’s a self-described “truth-seeker” and has a MASSIVE library of books. He even has a copy of James E. Talmage’s “Jesus the Christ”! We hope things go well with him as we continue to teach him, as our message is about the restoration of lost truths of God’s purpose and plan for us. In my experience, “truth-seeking” investigators tend to progress or receive the message well. Rebecca, a woman I taught in my first area, was a self-described “truth-seeker”, and she progressed very quickly with the gospel. Sadly, I still don’t know if she got baptized because I left before her baptismal date arrived…

I don’t have too much time today, so this was kinda frantically thrown together. We go to the temple tomorrow (I got to go with the Walnut Creek Zone last week so Elder Olone wouldn’t miss his chance to go, and we are going with our zone tomorrow). On weeks when we attend the temple, our P-Day is shifted to the temple day, but we still get three hours of preparation time on Monday, so my time is almost up.

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
~Elder Pike

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