Riding the Struggle Bus

Hello all.

Let it be known that I love being a missionary. I really, truly do. I promise. However, this week has been a week of struggles for Elder Pike. I haven’t quite been to the point that I want to throw in the towel, but I’ve been really pushing against a lot of obstacles to the work.

I won’t go into detail on the why for most of it. I’ll just say that my health has been sub-par this week, the finding has been rough, and the need for support from other missionaries has been overwhelming.

Luckily, that need for support from other missionaries was fulfilled be the Crystal Springs 2nd Elders (they are our neighbors to the south). Elder Mason, our district leader, is in that ward and took the time to sit and talk with me for a little after district meeting to help me work through the struggles of the work here – something I really needed.

Elder Mason and I. Don’t ask.

A few days later, we had exchanges with those elders. Quick note: In our mission, we have modified the way that exchanges work. Instead of switching companions and working in separate areas, we now switch companions and work in the same area for the day. With that change, we now will have four elders in a single apartment during exchanges. Let it be known that when you have four elders in a single apartment, it turns into a deacon’s quorum (if you catch my drift).

The “deacon’s quorum” the night we had exchanges.

Anyway, we had exchanges with those elders and I got to know the other two missionaries very well. I worked with Elder Mason that day after we split and went out to work in their area. We had a lot of good discussion about the problems of our district and how we can overcome them. It was very good, very necessary discussion and something we both needed to recharge and be motivated to work again. Also, Elder Mason is super cool – one of the best missionaries I’ve worked with. He has a true desire to work, but mixes his personality very well into it, in a very funny and effective way. We get along just perfectly.

As a side note, their area covers a city called Foster City. It’s built on an old dump, but don’t let that fool you because it’s an extremely wealthy community. You would never guess it was once the location of a dump because it’s beautiful. Foster City has canals and most people who live there own a boat that they access through their backyard into the canals that flow into the bay. It’s completely ridiculous.

Ultimately, the one lesson I learned this week is the importance of reaching out to others, including the Lord, for help. It’s difficult to push through challenges alone. The Lord gives us those around us to bless and help us when we can’t do it alone. Life is rough. It isn’t easy. And it’s definitely not easy when we try to make it on our own. We need to reach out for others and be humble enough to say “I need help”. I certainly learned that this week. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially from the Lord.

On another note completely, our investigator Pamela is just loving the message! We taught her about the Book of Mormon with our bishop this week and she has so many questions. She’s even talking about coming to church even though we haven’t invited her yet. She has true desire. We hope to see many good things come from working with her in the future.

Missionaries gotta keep loyal to their soil. …And no, Dad, I do not condone this terrible hat my companion is wearing.

Hope you all have a good week! Remember, when we ride the struggle bus, we don’t need to ride it alone. That’s why it’s a bus: so it can fit multiple passengers.

I love you all!
~Elder Pike

One thought on “Riding the Struggle Bus

  1. Loved this letter.! You are wise beyond your years. It’s a terrific life lesson to turn to good people and especially the Lord when you are struggling.


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