Keep Tearin’ It Up

Dearest Amigos,

So this week has been very busy. We had tons of appointments, exchanges, Christmas service, a meeting with Elder Lawrence of the Seventy, and a visit from the Mission President to the ward on Sunday. It amazes me how quickly it has all flown by.

Again, we have been able to pick up new investigators! This week we started teaching a man named Eddy, and we have a return appointment…at Starbucks. Hahahah. Long story why on that one. We also started teaching a woman named Jenna.

Fun story about Jenna: One day we were biking down the road and this street sign jumped out at us. Like, it felt like we needed to return there to tract soon. So we did just that. Not a single door answered to us, except for the very last one we knocked. It was this woman, Jenna. She has been considering attending our church for some time because she walks past it every day and she has family that are members elsewhere. Moral of the story: the Spirit truly does guide us when we listen and are doing our best to accomplish the righteous desires of our hearts! Always remember that the Lord is in charge.

Me trying to look dramatically off into the distance. I failed. Actually, I look pretty stupid here. Hahahah. Anyway, this is just a good view of Clayton Valley. Not so good in the photo.

We actually had a lot of interesting things happen with investigators this week, in addition to that. We finished teaching Jasmine the last lesson. Like, the very last lesson. However, bad news bears, she wants to push back her baptism due to concerns with her family. Hopefully we can work this out soon. She’s so ready to take this step!

We have been able to continue teaching Rebecca and have seen amazing progress with her. She’s so excited about everything and is so willing to learn! It’s the best. We have been able to set a baptismal date with her, as well, actually!

One of our potential investigators, Jamie, surprised us this week. I don’t know if I mentioned him before, but he’s the coolest person I have met in my mission, so far. He is out of work due to a disability, but he’s ALWAYS doing service for people in the community. Everyone knows him and he always stops us when we pass by to talk for a bit. And, oh my goodness, can that man talk.

Our members go overboard with the lights. This was before he finished putting up lights.

Anyway, he called us this week and said “Guys, I need to talk to you. People have been acting real weird lately,” and he invited us to lunch. Sadly, we weren’t able to teach him, but we were able to discuss the basic idea of the plan of salvation with him. He wants to meet (FINALLY) so we can teach him. And, my goodness, he’s just the greatest person I’ve ever met. Like, ever.

Final thing (Sorry for the real scatterbrained email today – My thoughts aren’t following any basic or understandable process at the moment): We were able to meet with Elder Lawrence of the Seventy on Saturday. He was on a mission tour and visited our mission. We got to hear from his wife, who gave a long talk on VERY deep doctrine. To give an idea of how deep she went, let me say this: Elder Lawrence spoke two separate time and I took three or four pages of notes on what he said for each talk, but when his wife spoke, I took like ten pages of notes. She spoke about the gathering of scattered Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant, so it was very complicated, but very profound and enlightening.

Elder Lawrence himself spoke about the importance of maintaining constant contact with our investigators, as well as the blessings of obedience. It was also very profound.

Elder Weaver and I being silly by taking a picture that looks kind of like he’s defying gravity.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support! It means a lot, especially in this holiday season. I love you all and wish you the best! In the words of one of our members, have a great week and “keep tearin’ it up”!

~Elder Pike

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