A Christmas Miracle

Hey guys!

Happy December! Weirdly, the temperature here in Clayton Valley jumped back up again this month. Now it’s the perfect cool Californian weather I expected to have on day one. Hopefully it stays this way…

Anyway, I digress. Here in Concord, we saw some wonderful things happen. We were able to continue to find more people to teach, which was most excellent. Our new investigators’ names are Rebecca and Mike.

Rebecca lives in our apartment complex (actually, she’s one of our neighbors) and weirdly we never thought to say anything to her because she’s seen missionaries around so long that we assumed someone already said something. Anyway, she was talking to a member that lives across the way and we just happened to pass them by when they stopped us and Rebecca asked us to come teach her. It was an excellent miracle. Moral of the story: don’t make assumptions.

Mike is an older gentleman recovering from Leukemia. He’s very interesting and can talk your ear off, easily. He was pretty open to let us teach, which is always nice.

We also went on exchanges this week and I led out the area with Elder Gomez (from Guatemala). Nothing notable about it, just tracting and the works.

This weekend we had the ward Christmas party which was a massive success. We had three of our investigators come! Jasmine, Michael (who we started teaching on Thanksgiving – don’t know if I mentioned him before), and Dave came. It was truly a Christmas miracle, especially seeing Dave there considering we haven’t been able to teach him in awhile.

This is Dave, our investigator! That is his baby, Davey. Tragically I looked away from the camera for half a second when this picture was taken…

We also were able to see plenty of less-active members and other nonmembers we hadn’t met yet there. The ward is really doing a lot to help the missionary efforts here, and it’s absolutely wonderful. We were so busy at the Christmas party running around talking to so many people. It was crazy!

We helped set up for the Christmas party the night before. Here’s what it looked like.

Now, for a brief spiritual thought (please excuse my scatterbrained lack of organization here). When we teach our investigators, we always teach the basic principle that if an investigator comes to learn that the Book of Mormon is true, they then know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that this is God’s kingdom on the earth today. All anyone ever has to do to know if the message we teach is true is to read and pray about whether the Book of Mormon is true. That’s it. If we then come to know that, we can know by the same power that Joseph Smith translated it by the power and priesthood authority of God. We can also know that we are literal children of a Father in Heaven who loves us more than we can comprehend. How wonderful it would be to know that is true!

Anyway, that’s all I really have to report on this week. I hope you are all staying warm in whatever neck of the woods you find yourself in. I also hope you can all remember the true meaning of this season: the commemoration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When we remember that, it can bring us great joy and peace.

Have a great week! I love you all!
~Elder Pike

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