Hello world!

I bring good tidings of sweet joy and much news! The transfer ended yesterday, and with that wrapping up of my first six weeks (and the halfway point in the training period). it seems Elder Weaver and I will be sticking together in Clayton Valley. Although, it should be duly noted that the zone’s organization has been turned on its head and some big changes have been made.

With the ending of this transfer, three Elders in the Walnut Creek zone have completed their two years. Elder’s Rowley, Niedergerke, and Curay will be returning home and we have lost three out of twenty missionaries in our tiny zone. As a result, one area is being dissolved, and with it, one district! The Walnut Creek zone is now two districts, and nine companionships.

The Walnut Creek Zone at our meeting last Thursday! President and Sister Frandsen were also in attendance.

This is Elder Rowley. We worked with him frequently in the 2nd ward. He’s heading home to Virginia, and I’m gonna miss the guy. He’s very funny and an excellent missionary.

Elder Weaver received a call on Thursday to become a new district leader as well. One of our zone leaders became an AP, and Elder Weaver will now lead a particularly large district, made up of the Clayton Valley 1st, 2nd, and 3rd areas, as well as both the Spanish companionships in the zone.

So, yeah. All that happened. Needless to say, Elder Weaver is feeling the pressure. Like, immense pressure. Even so, we’re just glad to be staying in Clayton Valley till the end of the year.

Anyway, enough of the boring mission organization news. We had a most interesting week here in Concord. With one of the zone leaders becoming an AP, he had to go to training in Oakland, and Elder Weaver and I got stuck in a trio with Elder Apostolos, the other zone leader for a few days. He’s a goofy guy, and it made for some interesting work.

We also had exchanges! I ended up leading out the area here in Clayton Valley with another new missionary (Elder Tolman, who I went to high school with actually) and Elder Apostolos! On exchanges, miracles tend to happen, and happen they did this week. We had a lesson with Joan and a lesson with Jasmine and they both felt the Spirit stronger than they ever had before. Jasmine even said she felt like she needed to hear the things we taught that day. It was wonderful.
Exchanges with Elder Apostolos (middle) and Elder Tolman (right). They’re goofy guys, if you can’t tell.

Elder Weaver and I also picked up some new investigators this week! For the first time in the transfer, our hard work paid off with new investigators. We taught a new family, Luz and Luis, a crazy Biblically gifted Evangelical, Jason, and an investment banker, John. They all were very kind and very willing to listen, though some were harder to teach than others (*cough* Jason *coughcough*).

We actually tracted into all of them too! We knocked on the door of Luis and his mother, Luz, and taught them then and there! They said they would get baptized if their prayers were answered that Joseph Smith was a prophet! We are going back with the Spanish sister missionaries this week because they only speak English partially.

Jason is gifted in knowledge of the Bible. Enough so that it frightens me, hahah. He is more than willing to listen, but is very stubborn on doctrine.

John is also super willing to listen, and he already believed that the Bible had been changed and that there were too many churches for there to be a correct one. That was really great to hear because that’s one of the bases on which we teach the Restoration. He followed the lesson really well, and definitely wants to learn.

A member bought some sweet lights for my bike rims, as well. Never underestimate the kindness of members!

I look forward to the coming weeks with these investigators, as well as continuing with Jasmine, Joan, and Dave. Hopefully we’ll get some baptisms soon! I won’t be surprised if Jasmine commits to a date tonight in our lesson (knock on wood). We have an interesting and busy transfer ahead of us, especially with Elder Weaver as the district leader.

Anyway, hope you all have a great week! Thanks for your continuing love and support!

Love you lots!
~Elder Pike

I get a kick out of this picture because it includes the mission president flashing the Walnut Creek (WC) sign we use in our zone as a joke.

It’s too cold for us to really be in California… The Hanratty family always have hats lying around their home, so when we go to visit them we wear the various beanies and winter hats they have. Because why not.

Elder Weaver has the strangest addiction to Egg Nog I’ve ever seen. It’s kinda disgusting, hahaha.

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