A Cold Spell

Hi everyone!

I have bad news: I jinxed it. By my complaints and talk of how hot and dry it is here, I have reversed the weather patterns and created an unnatural cold spell to fall upon Clayton Valley. It feels like an October in Utah here. But with more humidity. So yeah, it’s been particularly rainy and cold all week. California is getting some much needed rain, hopefully to finally end this drought!

Clayton Valley in the rain!
Clayton Valley in the rain!

Me doing battle with the wind
Me, doing battle with the wind.

Anyway, lemme start by saying it’s been a particularly busy, but uneventful week. Lots of lessons and service, but no real results. We only met with two of our investigators, the rest were less-active members and active members (for dinner appointments and family mission plans).

We did extend a baptismal invitation to Jasmine again because we have taught her almost everything now! She’s been so willing to learn and willing to keep her commitments, but she is very hesitant to get baptized. She says she wants to know for a fact that it’s true before committing, but it’s hard to know how we can help her from where she is already at. Hopefully she will have some insights in our lesson this week that will help her.

We also met with Joan, one of our other investigators, and were able to have a good discussion about reading and praying. She’s read more than any of our other investigators, but she hasn’t prayed about it. She absolutely wants to progress, but the hard part is getting her to church because she works on Sunday.

Other than those lessons, our others were not eventful.

Okay wait, take a step back. I forgot. Something did happen this week! We attended the temple on Thursday! It was certainly a wonderful experience to take a rest from our labors and go do an endowment session at the temple and feel of the peace and Spirit that is so strong there. It was certainly a good stress reliever.

My district at the temple this week! From left to right: Elder Languido, Elder Rowley, Elder Tolman, Elder Hibbert, Yours Truly, Elder Weaver, Sister Pan, and Sister Järvi.

My district at the temple this week! From left to right: Elder Languido, Elder Rowley, Elder Tolman, Elder Hibbert, Yours Truly, Elder Weaver, Sister Pan, and Sister Järvi.

Oh! And something else: stake conference! We had stake conference (which happens at a building called the Interstake Center on the temple grounds here), but we only had half of a stake conference. Because of the storms and the weather, some transformer somewhere got destroyed by something and the power went out. We were in the middle of stake conference when it happened.

Mid-talk, the lights all went out and we could no longer hear the speaker. He had to wrap up his talk quickly (and loudly) then a youth choir sang a closing hymn (using their cell phones to light the sheet music they had), and conference was closed with a prayer…which had to be yelled in order for anyone to hear it. It was certainly an interesting experience.

To wrap up, I want to talk about miracles. Despite our uneventful week, Elder Weaver and I had some miracles last night. After five weeks worth of (very) unfruitful finding activities, we finally (FINALLY) set up three appointments with potential investigators for this week! We may finally have new people to teach!

Moral of the story: God blesses us when we work hard to achieve our righteous desires. It may not be in the time we want it to, but God will bless us and grant unto us success if we have the faith necessary to work hard. In fact, there’s a quote going around the mission about this:

“Pray as if everything depended upon God, and work as if everything depended upon yourself.” 

 ~Brigham Young

Remember, Heavenly Father is a God of miracles. If we so believe in Him, He will grant us success and bring us the joy we desire. Never lose faith in Him.I love you all! Have a great week and a most wonderful day!
~Elder Pike

Elder Weaver got this lavalava from his old Tongan companion. Not acceptable for missionary work.


A decent view of downtown Oakland and San Francisco (in the distance) from the temple grounds on a clear day

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