Who Let The Dogs Out…

Good morning everyone!

Elder Weaver and I had a most eventful week this past week! Sadly it was not eventful in terms of lessons and teaching, BUT we did have some interesting experiences.

Inline image 1
We had sushi this week! YEAH!

Here in the most gorgeously dry Clayton Valley (That is, until today! It rained all night long and into the morning for awhile…) we have been focusing on member missionary work. We, and the ward missionaries, have been meeting with several families and discussing putting together family mission plans with them. One family proceeded to invite their neighbors to our ward Trunk or Treat event only half an hour after we taught them. And here’s the kicker: their neighbors actually came! Our ward is very involved in helping the mission efforts move forward, and it’s such a wonderful blessing.

Inline image 2
Clayton Valley has been incredibly dry, lately, thanks to the Californian drought. Here’s us tracting without a cloud in the sky!

Anywho, I want to be kind and rewind back to Wednesday first. On Wednesday, Elder Weaver and I went to go do some service for a woman in our ward. She was at work when we went, but she gave us access to her garage so we could do yard work. She left her lawn mower and weed whacker in there, but we also need to prune her bushes. We didn’t have any pruners. Luckily, Elder Weaver knew where she kept them in the backyard, so we went back there to grab them.

Before I move forward with this story, let it be noted that this sister we were serving sent us a text with a carefully worded caution in it before we left to her home that day. She said, very specifically, “Don’t let the dogs out”.

You can see where this is going. On our way back through the gate to her front yard, we were very careful to squeeze through without letting her dogs out. But she has a big dog. It pushed its way through AND BOLTED DIRECTLY OUT INTO THE STREET. The other dog followed.

Picture, if you will, two missionaries chasing two very disobedient dogs up and down a street with the playful saxophone of the Benny Hill theme playing in the background.

As soon as these dogs got to one end of the street, they would turn around and bolt back the other way. It was most obnoxious. Looking back on it now, it’s pretty hilarious, but at the time it wasn’t. It took us about twenty minutes to round them back up and get them in the backyard again. So, yeah, that happened…

Inline image 3
Elder Weaver and I at the home of some members, helping them make a sign for something for their family mission plan. We took and made something else from the unused materials…

On a more spiritual note, Thursday was loaded with miracles. Elder Weaver and I had a very open day, so we went to go and try to contact less-active members. We knocked on the door of one family because nobody really knew who they were. They invited us to dinner (Which doesn’t happen from the super less-active families, usually). So that was golden. Seconds after that happened, we got a call from the mission home with a referral that came from an investigator (Referrals rarely drop out of the sky like that). That was also golden. SECONDS AFTER THAT, some woman pulled over on the street and asked us “Are you the Mormons?”. She then offered us a lunch appointment and an opportunity for service this week (Yet another referral, essentially, falling out of the sky).

So what can we learn from this? Well, I just want to add my testimony that there is a God, and He is a God of miracles. We only need faith to see His hand in our lives.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this week. We are going to the temple on Thursday, so that’ll be sweet. Talk to you all next week!

Love you lots!
~Elder Pike

And one last picture:

Inline image 4
Daily planning like the goobers we are.

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