A Flippin’ Sweet Package–Care Package #1

Napoleon Dynamite

Before Dylan left on his mission, when I was planning for his farewell, I found this super awesome pin on Pinterest that showed how to make missionary minions with Twinkies.  I was so excited!  Who doesn’t love minions…right?

Dylan.  That’s who.

So anyone that knows me knows he’s getting minions whether he likes it or not.  Because that’s how I roll.  And I have a couple of good reasons:

  1.  I can’t pass up an opportunity to tease Dylan.
  2. I can’t pass up an opportunity to overdo it, stress myself out, and take on a project on Pinterest and hope it works.

So I decided to make this Dylan’s first package from home.  He may thing he escaped the minions when I didn’t make them for his farewell, but won’t he be surprised when he gets his box tomorrow and sees what I made!  This is one of those days when I’m really glad he’s serving in the states.  It feels a little like I can participate somehow in his mission.  Or at least make him laugh and roll his eyes.

Look at all those little happy smiling faces!

They all jumped right in this box, almost like a little MTC for Twinkies


They also come with a very important message

They also come with a very important message

Now, lest anyone thinks it’s all about the jokes, there was some serious stuff in the box too.  Like this book:

Book 1

I made this book for his farewell so that all of his friends and family could sign it with their testimonies, words of encouragement, and just overall good messages of love and support.  I got this great idea from my sister (and I even copied her book a little)  I was going to send it with him when he left, but I still had some people that wanted a chance to write in it, so I held onto it.  It turned out really nice, but it was a pretty big book, so it didn’t get filled.  I decided to add some stuff to it.

Book 2I found some great conference talks from the last 3-5 years that seems appropriate and printed them out small enough to fit them in the book, and glued them in. There are still plenty of blank pages, so as I come across more talks that I think he will like, or that might inspire him or help him, I’ll print them out and send them.  I guess he’ll also need a glue stick.  This particular talk is titles “God Helps the Faithful Priesthood Holder” by Henry B. Eyring.  I also found a wonderful missionary story by President Monson that I included.

Then I wrote him a monster letter, while his dad wrote him a letter on a piece of paper from the notepad that hangs on my fridge… a four page typed letter from mom, and a memo from dad.  I’m imagining that’s pretty typical.  His sister included a letter too.

Back on the jokey front…I found a bag of gummy worms in his nightstand.  They were still fresh and I have no idea how they got there, so I threw them in.  I hope they weren’t some kind of freaky science experiment about how rock hard gummy worms can get over two years, because if that’s what he was going for I screwed it up.  I also had to print him out that little  flippin’ sweet message from Napoleon Dynamite to hang somewhere.  He may not like minions, but he’ll definitely love that sign.

So, first package down, 23 packages to go.

I’m so amazed and proud of this boy for doing this hard work.  I know that he will touch many lives and have so many awesome experiences, and I get excited at the idea of hearing all about them!  And I hope I can provide him with a little laugh and entertainment along the way.  A very wise Bishop we had once said “If you can’t laugh while living the Gospel, you’re doing it wrong.”  I completely and wholeheartedly believe it.

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