Rockin’ the MTC

missionary coloredDylan’s first email has finally arrived!  He’ll only get the chance to write once before leaving the MTC, so this is it! I’d like to point out that I waited many days to hear from him, and when we finally got our first letter, it was on a tiny piece of paper that came out of his “little black notebook”.  With not much room to write, about all he managed to say was that he was really stressed. 😦  So we were anxiously waiting to hear from him on P-Day. Thankfully, all seems to be going well so far.


My first week is just wrapping up here in the MTC. It’s been crazy busy. I follow the same schedule almost every day: get up, study, breakfast, gym, class, lunch, class, dinner, more study, more study, lights out. 6+ hours of class a day kind of really sucks…hahah. I’m so glad I’ll only be here for two weeks, but they are two VERY IMPORTANT weeks. It’s also really weird to be completely surrounded by the gospel in absolutely everything I do. Even in the sarcasm. All the sarcastic and witty comments from the other Elders are always tied to the gospel in some crazy roundabout way. It’s actually very entertaining.

The whole concept of how we teach has been flipped on its head here. I always thought lessons were more led by the lesson and topic itself like it usually is in church, but we’re learning how all lessons MUST be centered on the needs of the investigators and we must be willing to throw out our lesson plan if the Spirit directs us to teach something else completely. It’s a very hard concept to grasp for sure, but I’m getting there. My companion, Elder Chapman, and I are teaching two investigators here (one is a role play with one of our teachers, Brother Van Bloem, and the other is with what we call a TRC investigator). Both of the investigators have the same name, so it gets confusing, hahah. Our lessons are going decently well, but not amazingly so. It’s still hard to grasp this new way of thinking when we teach.

In addition, my zone and district here are super rad (or, “the bee’s knees” if you’d rather say that). Our district is entirely made up of Elders. No sisters whatsoever. Which is kind of a drag considering that the sisters have double the spiritual power of the Elders just about all the time. My companion, Elder Chapman, is really quiet, but honestly the polar opposite of me in personality, so that’s interesting. Then Elder Thorpe and Elder Shaw are from Ogden and both super awesome. Elder Thorpe and I have become very close friends this week. Then we have a companionship of three in our district because one Elder did not report. They are Elder Lemon (he’s way nice, and way goofy), Elder Davis (our district leader, reminds me of my roommate Paul, and is suuuper quiet), and Elder Oliver (nothing comes to mind about him besides the fact that he’s way awesome).

Elder Chapman and I got placed in a room with other Elders from our district who are going to Anaheim, California. Elder Anglade (from South Jordan, also worked pizza delivery), Elder Peden (quiet, but everyone loves Elder Peden), Elder Russell (the comic relief of our zone), and Elder Cannon (who reminds me a lot of myself).

Not much else to report on this week. It’s been pretty uneventful, but my next email will be from the field! I fly out next Wednesday, so I’m not sure when my next email will roll out.

I love you all!
~Elder Pike

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